Sunday, April 09, 2006

Digital prints from

I just returned from walmart, disappointed that the pack of pictures I uploaded for pickup was just not ready, its on its way to New York!

I am a digital space enthustiast. I have tried all possible web solutions to digitize, print and share photos since 1996, built technology to transfer pictures from palm pilots and cameras onto the web in 1999 (from my own startup) and amd quick to try all available solutionds today.

In the web democracy, this blog is my drop in the bucket to influence change to get digital media to work for me - the consumer.

I'll write again, sharing my experiences of the past decade in this space and lets track whats available out there today, together.

As for the walmart story, I have to get bookmarks for my kids class for a project and decided to make it as a photo and simply print from last night. I have used walmart photos before with success. Now I chose the store pickup option and when I went there, it turned out I should have selected the 1 hour photo option, and the store pickup meant it was sent as an order to my store and the store shipped it to New York for me to pickup next week. I didn't see this fine print which doesn't appear on the site as I completed the transaction.

I have 12 more hours to get my bookmark photos, let me see the state of digital photos on a Sunday evening in America!


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