Friday, October 06, 2006

JobCasts - Beware!

I love the Internet because there are so many people empowered by it and you can across new people and ideas everyday that it never ceases to amaze me.

We all know about Podcasts, thanks to ipods and phones carrying mp3s. Its everywhere in all areas covering news and providing entertainment. Then came video blogs where we see people and hear their stories,and stay on if its entertaining.

I know a whole bunch of podcasters and video bloggers who are trying segment the Internet to cater casts to a variety of segment of users and to get sponsors and make money.

The latest is a "JobCast". I think its cool. Its a video from looking for a candidate for their Director of Marketing. Making it a video blog like Cast and posting on Utube makes it like a TV ad, but more personal, as though you ran into Chris and he just told you about the job locally. The biggest element that needs to be communicated in hiring is the people and passion of the company, which is lost in all other mediums of hiring.

Yahoo hotjobs and lookout! Theres an opportunity to marry the buzz of podcasts and community to find more people for jobs, brining real money to the job sites.


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