Monday, April 17, 2006

Walmart again

I was hoping not to focus more talk on photo shop.

But guess what! Walmart photo shop allowed me to cancel my order after I realized that I could not get it the same day but charged my card and printed it in NY and shipped for my local store for my pickup. Remember the tactic of photo studios to print several poses of your child so you would buy more than what you planned for! I turned out such a sucker and took all my pictures and let the charge for the canceled order go!

Theres a b-model for photo shops to print extra copies to make people like me pay!

I've been talking only about printing copies from a photo store online.

I've tried every possible online store for prints ever since I heard of the first one. I'll write again as I'd like to do justice in evaluating all the players and how the space has evolved.


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