Tuesday, April 17, 2007

web 2.0 for small business panel -from Web2.0 Expo

I am at this panel with Om Malik, of Giga OM who needs no intro, and I found he is a Mac user too! Wow. Others are Ismael Ghalimi of Intalio, Satish Dharmaraj at Zimbra and the coolest part is its moderated by Rafe Needleman of CNET , Webware.

Rajen Seth of WebApps from Google "Adding collaboration to a document suite is a killer App " Seth. I agree,, I am a big Google Apps fan.

Om raises good questions about Privacy and Security and lack of commenting on Google Docs, he uses Zimbra for email. Rajen agrees that Google Apps targets small to mid-size companies and its a leap of faith to switch to Google Apps, leaving desktop apps totally.

Om: Google Apps, and all Webware Apps expect users to give up existing usability features of MS Word, etc. Also lack of trust on private data, how can they be sure they will protect my privacy. He summarized as perception problem today not about technology.

Hale nails it as the fundmental problem with adopting the Internet right from the start!

Its an awesome topic, but the audience is quiet and polite, maybe its a signal of the uncomfortable evaluation stage of Webwares in the world today!

Nice question about need for channels for Web2.0 Apps, compared to established Enterprise VARs for desktop Apps. Satish of Zimbra says they exist for Web2.0 Apps.

Ismail quotes Zoho, integrates hundreds of Apps, and Salesforce.com, Webex Connect as good candidates to check out!

My question: When are development platforms for Webapps coming? Oh Ismail asked the same of Google. Rafe agrees Web Apps has to interoperate with others on the Web.

Question from Audience: Integrating voice to WebApps - Zimbra has launched a SIPzimbet, CISCO and VOIP switch, good plan to integrate to best of class Voice Servers. Google App has Voice on SNMP (open), showcase of select set of partners who integrated VOIP.

When will you voice enable your mobile Apps? Address cost issue - Open Source has not helped with low cost. Satish disagrees. Cost shd be thought not in terms of software cost, add maintenance cost and it adds up.

My question: What is the next Web2.0 Killer App the panelist are working on?

Om - An App that retains email properly, rethink email combined with RSS, Jabber, manages communication flow properly, so it increases productivity, not increases time we use with the App.
Satish - can't tell ,its all dynamically born., Google App
hale - Closed all all IM clients when he was working on an App.
Ismail - Aggregating diff feeds, translate it into task.

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Blogger Chu said...

next killer application should happen in the mash-up of IM+RSS+mini-blog, such as next-twitter,next-anothr.com...

7:13 PM  
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